Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Haven't written here for over a year. Blog is no longer "in" these days. Guess I write more for myself than others.

Have been sick for 3 days. Actually, started feeling sick before the performances on 22 and 23. Many people were sick during the rehearsals during that week and I was sitting very close to someone who's really sick. Took a lot of vitamin C and tried hard not to fall sick. Guess the virus is really bad this time. A few choristers couldn't join the performance. One even was in hospital.

Always enjoyed singing with this group. They are more efficient than other groups. Also, the chorusmaster gives very clear and exact instructions. My vocal always said it's because of my finance training that I like things to be clear and exact.

Learned so much in these few years with this group. Most people like to say artists are very emotional. Yet, I will say, world class musicians, especially conductors, are very discipline and with exceptional EQ. They are always punctual and diplomatic. Even a small potato like me enjoys working with them so much.

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